Online Promotion

Promoting Your Website

We drive relevant traffic to your website through both organic and paid search marketing campaigns and can also assist you with social media strategies and email marketing.


Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A major factor in whether a website is well ranked in Google is whether the website has been structured and coded in a SEO-friendly way. We have an expert understanding of search engine optimisation and apply this to all our new website builds. For more complex, or competitive industries often a dedicated SEO campaign is required in order to achieve first page rankings for specific keywords and search terms.

We begin our SEO process by identifying top keywords in your industry and ascertaining what level of search traffic different search terms could potentially bring to your website. By using keyword analysis tools we can see what sort of search traffic could be expected from these keywords and then concentrate on the areas that will provide the best return on investment. In the early stages we will also conduct competitor analysis and will identify opportunities for fast growth, and areas that are worth investing more time into.

Paid Advertising

One of the best solutions for quickly generating new business leads from search engines is through paid search advertising. If you are in a competitive market where many businesses are trying to optimise for the same keywords, then a pay-per-click search campaign can offer instant results while your SEO rankings build over time. We will setup a highly targeted set of ads to ensure you’re getting the most relevant audience for your business. Other paid advertising options can include display/banner advertising, remarketing (retargeting), and even Facebook or Twitter advertising.

Often a Paid Advertising campaign is run simultaneously with an organic SEO project, as paid search results can give us more detailed insight into the kind of search traffic specific search terms will receive. It also provides an instant increase in search traffic for your website while we develop a longer-term organic source of site traffic.